BACK TO LIFE - THE CRYSTAL PALACE DINOSAURS is a 2017 film produced by TAL AMIRAN, and commissioned by the FRIENDS OF CRYSTAL PALACE DINOSAURS. The film focuses on the conservation work done by the FCPD staff on the stone sculptures within the park. The park itself is a popular visitor attraction and was opened in 1854. At that time the sculptures, designed and sculpted by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, were the first sculptures of dinosaurs in the world and represented the latest scientific knowledge of the creatures. Today the park is a grade 1 listed monument on Historic England's National Heritage List for England.  

My music for this film is inspired by artists such as Tim Hecker and Jan Jelinek and features elements such as processed gongs, synths and processed production sounds. The brief for the score asked for music that was very tonal, dark and imposing. My work on this project also resulted in my track CRYSTAL DINOSAUR, which features on my upcoming 2018 EP, REFRACTION. You can find info on REFRACTION here. For this track, I took elements of the film score and introduced more percussion and melodic elements.

You can view the film below and find more information on the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs here.         


Directed & Produced by TAL AMIRAN

Cinematography by TAL AMIRAN.

Edited by TAL AMIRAN.

Sound Design by RICK BLYTHING