This composition was the last piece of work submitted as part of my final portfolio for my MA. I included this composition to demonstrate how my style of music production could accompany documentary footage. The documentary here is a condensed version of the film which formed the centre-piece of Imperial War Museum London's exhibition  "CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY", which closed in 2012. The documentary, and the exhibition as a whole, was created to explore 20th century genocide, ethnic cleansing and war crimes. 

In my music I wanted to try and represent the themes of horror, tragedy, and hope for future prevention of crimes such as these. My other key focus for this composition was to blend recordings and sampled versions of acoustic instruments with electronic elements. I managed to create some interesting effects using this combination of acoustic and electronic instruments. In the first musical theme I created a nice droning effect by combining the decay portions of double bass and flute parts with synthesizer patches. Also, listen out for the Oud in the outro section; I spent a long time working with single-note samples to create that whole part and I am quite pleased with how un-sampled it sounds.  


Crimes Against Humanity

Produced by IWM (2009).