Through my work for the Imperial War Museum I've had the opportunity to work on many of their recent film projects as an editor and production designer. Most of the projects I work on are film clips for use in the museum's galleries and other public spaces, and usually involve ingesting, editing and delivering films which utilise a mix of archive footage from 35mm film and digital film content. I work closely with the museum's film archivists and exhibition designers to arrange digitisation of archive materials and delivery of the final films.   

Below is a list of some of my IWM film credits: 


  • SYRIA: STORY OF A CONFLICT                                                                                                  (IWM London): Production Design.

  • SERGEY PONOMAREV: A LENS ON SYRIA                                                                                  (IWM London): Editor & Production Design.


  • REAL TO REEL: A CENTURY OF WAR MOVIES                                                                             (IWM London & IWM North): Production Design.


  • LEE MILLER: A WOMAN'S WAR                                                                                                  (IWM London & IWM North): Video Production.

  • FIRST WORLD WAR TOURING EXHIBITION                                                                       (Worldwide venues): Video edits for Production section.


  • FIRST WORLD WAR GALLERY                                                                                                     (IWM London): Videos/Still Image Viewers.


  • HORRIBLE HISTORIES: SPIES                                                                                                     (IWM London & IWM North): Video Screens.

  • IWM CENTENARY PROJECT                                                                                                        (IWM London): Entrance Projection. 

  • SECRET WAR EXHIBITION                                                                                                          (IWM London): HD Upgrade of existing films, film clips for new interactive units.    


  • CECIL BEATON: THEATER OF WAR                                                                                                  (IWM London): Compilation of Cecil Beaton's costume design.

  • SAVING LIVES                                                                                                                           (IWM North): All video screens, Afghanistan, training and archive footage.