This was the second element of work submitted for my MA portfolio. In this composition, I wanted to demonstrate my ability to utilise recorded sound materials and sound effects as elements within a score. This style of composing is well suited to accompany horror films as it allows a composer to instill a sense of the alien within the audience through the use of unconventional and unsettling sound material. By using sounds which don't emanate from visual anchors on the screen, the audience is left with the feeling that something is happening, or is about to happen, other than what they can immediately see. 

In my composition for this scene, I wanted to emphasise the main character's feelings of isolation and fear of not being able to see his surroundings, as well as his despair at the prospect of losing his only remaining companion, Sam, in the darkness. The audience are aligned very closely with the main character as most of what we see is presented through his torch light. I attempted to reflect this in my music by using sound textures and silence to reflect the darkness and gestural sounds to accompany the action we see through the torch light. A lot of the sound materials I used in my composition were taken from the film's original soundtrack and then manipulated to create new sound objects and fragments, which I then incorporated into a gestural/textural structure borrowed from my study of electroacoustic music composition.

The above clip features my composition mixed with the film's original soundtrack. Below is a version containing only my music. 

I Am Legend

Directed by Francis Lawrence.

Produced by Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures (2007)