This clip formed part of my final portfolio for my MA and was produced in late 2012. Even though this was the shortest piece in my portfolio, it was probably the most challenging to create due to the sheer amount of material packed in to the 4 minute duration. The clip itself is taken from the 2011 film of the same name directed by Neil Burger. In this clip we see the main character (Bradley Cooper) being swept along on a 24-hour psychedelic roller-coaster as a result of the experimental, mind-enhancing drugs he is using. At this point in the film we are starting to see the negative effects of the drug as well as the positive, with the main character experiencing black-outs and a loss of control over his drug-enhanced actions.

In my composition I wanted to try and reflect the unstoppable trajectory of the character's journey, as well as his feelings of confidence, euphoria, and ultimately fear and shock. I composed my music around 2 short motifs which I arranged in a looping pattern to reflect the character's short, intense periods of consciousness. I present my themes in different arrangements and styles to reflect how the character is flitting between different places and situations. I tried to build the intensity of each theme as the piece progresses toward the point where the drug releases the character from it's grip and he is left to make sense of what he just experienced.         

Limitless (2011)

Directed by Neil Burger

Produced by Relativity Media, Virgin (2011)