I produced this film for my second-year film-making module as part of my MA in 2013. The brief for this piece was to produce a visual sequence to accompany a given piece of music using only a collection of footage provided by the module tutors. We were left to interpret the music in whatever way we wanted as long as synchronisation and a strong aesthetic were achieved. I used 2 short sections of footage of a firework exploding in slow motion and then utilised a range of image manipulation tools within Adobe Premiere Pro to achieve the visual effects in the piece. 

My intention was to produce a sequence which depicted the birth and development of our solar system, from the big bang through to the formation of a star and the system of planets. In the piece, I start by introducing cosmic matter on a particle level and then attempt to show these particles colliding and producing energy. This energy is then sculpted into the shape of a star which starts to pass it's energy on to other planets which are born from within the star itself. Once the nine colour-coded planets have come into existence, they begin a series of orbits in relation to the sun and each other. These orbits start off in a unison pattern and eventually become unique to each planet, changing direction and speed. The final section of the piece sees our plane of vision altered as we travel towards the sun, passing through each planet and eventually ending our journey inside the sun.