Some things have indeed changed around here recently. I wouldn't expect many of you to notice straight away, mainly because my self-promotion strategy up until now has been stuck in the contemplative stage, which may have impacted somewhat on the number of visitors to this corner of the internet. That's all about to change now however as I am finally ready to launch Operation World Domination, and what better way to begin this operation than with a brand new logo! That's right, below you can behold my new self-designed logo in all it's glory.

Prepare to see this logo on cards, flyers, billboards and blimps near you soon!

Logo 5.png


As well as working on this logo and incorporating it into the design of this website, I've also been busy finishing off my most recent composition project which will be available for you to view here very soon. The project is called MAGNETISM and was a collaboration with Charlie Davies, Rick Blything-Smith and John Richards. It's in the final stage of mixing right now and should be online before the month is out.

In the meantime, I've uploaded a few old sound design pieces to act as hors d'ouvres before the main course that is Magnetism. You can check these out here

Thanks for reading, and if you want to get in touch use the contact page link to drop me a line.