As winter starts to draw to a close, so do a few excellent projects I've been working on since autumn. Final soundtrack mixing and grading are under way on 2 film projects which feature music from yours truly, and now that the teams on both projects have had some time post-Christmas to get back in the swing it shouldn't be too long until we get to enjoy the final results.

To tide you over, I can finally share some of my work from one of these projects which ties in nicely with a brand new feature I've added to this website. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that there is a brand new section in the navigation bar titled Music. This page is where I will be highlighting my off-screen music production, sound experiments and musical indulgences. It's fully integrated with my shiny new SoundCloud account (I know, a little late to the party!) and is being launched with a small selection of music. I'll be updating the page periodically with music old and new and I'll keep you posted when new pieces are added.

The first piece available to listen to is a track called Ballot, which is taken from my soundtrack to the upcoming documentary Somaliland: The Experiment In Democracy, produced by Grapefruit Films. You can check out the track using the player below. Also available to listen to now is Crimes, a remastered collection of themes I composed and recorded in 2013 at City University London. I'll be uploading new music later this month and giving an update on the 2 film projects which will be appearing here soon. As always, please get in contact using the link top-right if the feeling takes you.