I'm delighted to be able to share my latest 2 track EP GOLEM, which is available to listen below and also as a free download over on my Soundcloud page. The EP has been in the works for a few years now but has been delayed due to deadlines on other film and sound design projects. This year I have finally had some time to go back and work on my own productions and I've now got a large collection of tracks nearing completion. These tracks are based on ideas and sketches I've started and in some cases used on film projects over the last few years but never developed into fully finished tracks until now.

Cyto and Vista are the first of these tracks which are now ready for release. They will also be available as part of my catalogue of production music. They are not royalty free so if you are interested in inquiring about using these tracks, or any of the other music on my Soundcloud page, drop me a line using the Contact form.

In the meantime feel free to listen to and download GOLEM, and drop me a line here or on Twitter if you like what you hear.

Thanks for reading!