A grey day in London seemed to be the perfect time to release my brand new track Monsoon, which is available to listen below, on my Soundcloud page, and will be coming to streaming services like Spotify, Google Play etc. very soon. As is the case for every track I release, I've been responsible for all elements involved in the production, including designing the cover art.


Monsoon began life as a music cue I produced for the documentary Somaliland: An Experiment in Democracy, which can be viewed here. Another one of my tracks, Ballot, made it into the film in it's entirety, so listen out for that too. With Monsoon, I took what was a short synthesizer cue and developed it into 8 minutes of sound design-infused techno. Field recordings of rain and thunder fight for space with driving electronic percussion, synthesizer leads and swelling atmoshperic layers to create an homage to the enveloping power and energy found at the heart of a monsoon.


Give it a listen below and as always feel free to share it around or drop me some feedback. Keep an eye out for a year ending post in the next couple of weeks where I'll be looking back on my 2016 projects, looking ahead to some 2017 projects, and also taking the time to look back on the things that had a big influence on my work and life in 2016.