Escape Room Sound Design MKII

It's September 2017, but for the last few months I've been living in the sonic world of August 1940. This month marks the opening of The Battle for Britain; the latest escape room game from Escape Plan Ltd. Based in Kennington, London, Escape Plan offer unique WWII-themed escape room experiences. Hot on the heels of their hugely successful game The Adventure Begins, Escape Plan are back with a new game that promises to challenge and exhilarate even the most experienced escape room players. 

The operations table at Escape Plan Ltd, London

After my work as sound designer on their first experience The Adventure Begins, I was lucky enough to be invited back to work with them again on The Battle for Britain. Last time out I was tasked with creating the sonic atmosphere of a German POW camp to accompany the 60-minute game. The player's objective was to escape the camp by solving a series of puzzles and clues. The game and the soundscape both received overwhelmingly positive reviews, so I was delighted to be invited back to work on Escape Plan's latest offering. You can read more about my work on The Adventure Begins here, and you can also hear an audio clip from that game's climax below.

My brief for The Battle for Britain was to create a soundscape which, along with the experience's period decor and authentic puzzles, immersed players in the atmosphere of an RAF base which is under attack during the Battle of Britain. Gamers are thrown into the midst of a Luftwaffe attack and are tasked with marshaling southern Britain's air defenses. My job as sound designer was to create an auditory experience full of location and historical detail, excitement, tension and fun. The soundscape, and game itself, begins with a bang! Below you can listen to the Luftwaffe's initial aerial assault which thrusts players head first in to the action.

For a more detailed look at how I created the soundscape for The Battle for Britain, head on over to the Sound Design section of the site by clicking here.

Experience it for yourself

Think that you and your friends have what it takes to stave off the Luftwaffe and escape the base? The Battle for Britain is available to book now, so visit the Escape Plan website here to find out more and book a slot for you and your team. 

Spitfire promo shot for The Battle for Britain, the new escape room experience from Escape Plan Ltd.