Welcome to OLIHARRISON.COM mk 2

Frequent visitors here may already have noticed some of the nips and tucks. If you've never been to this part of the web before, welcome! You are among the first to see the fruits of my recent labour to update the whole site.

The updates I'm rolling out are long overdue and are arriving ahead of a very exciting and busy period. In the coming weeks I'll be posting updates regarding several projects of mine that have reached their conlcusion. These projects include 2 film scores currently gracing film festivals around the world, my second soundscape collaboration with ESCAPE PLAN, the launch of my brand new blog series, and also the release of my debut EP REFRACTION.

News on all of these projects will break over the next few weeks on my brand new NEWS page. The eagle-eyed will have already spotted the shiny new NEWS tab in the navigation bar. Veterans of OLIHARRISON.COM mk 1 will remember the days of NEWS announcements appearing on my BLOG page. These days are gone for good as the BLOG is set for a new lease of life as the home of my new article series CREATIVE BUSINESS SKILLS. The who, what and why of this series will be revealed soon.

As well as the new CREATIVE BUSINESS SKILLS and NEWS sections, there are 2 further page additions to the site as well as a re-vamped HOME page. The first of the new page additions is the BIO page; check this out for info on me and my music. I've also added a MUSIC STORE. This page is available now but the links to the different vendors won't become active until REFRACTION is released in October.

The Refraction EP

The upcoming release of REFRACTION was one of the main drivers behind the new and improved site. Those of you who have seen the artwork for REFRACTION will recognise that the new site branding owes a lot to REFRACTION's artwork. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, look and click to your right.

The new web fonts, nav bar, footer, colour scheme and logo are all influenced by the artwork for REFRACTION. I implemented all of the changes myself after brushing up on my CSS, and as a little taster of what's to come in the CREATIVE BUSINESS SKILLS series, I'll be devoting several CBS articles to how I built and updated my website. Hopefully these articles will be useful to anyone who has or is contemplating building their own website. 

If you like the new site please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line using the CONTACT page. Keep your eyes peeled for more news, music and the start of the CREATIVE BUSINESS SKILLS series.