On the 16th of August, the latest production music compilation from LO EDITIONS, LO-CD079 ART OF SOUNDSCAPE was released through UNIVERSAL PUBLISHING PRODUCTION MUSIC. A new track from yours truly, BEYOND THE SCREEN, is featured as track seven on the 15-track compilation. 

BEYOND THE SCREEN is the second track of mine to be released through LO EDITIONS in 2018, following on from my track LUMIERE appearing as track six on the January release LO-CD076 SPACIOUSNESS, albeit with the alternate title GOLDEN VEIL. For full details of each release as well as full track previews, click the respective album covers below. 



LO EDITIONS is the production music imprint of the East London-based label LO RECORDINGS. In their own words:

"Lo Editions are the prime destination for the most unique and diverse tracks in the UPPM catalogue. Featuring ambient beats, jazz fusion and indie pop, Lo Editions is the home to the out of the ordinary"


LO EDITIONS' releases are targeted at media creators such as filmmakers, film production companies and creative agencies; all customers who require high quality, pre-cleared music for use in visual media.

The release of my tracks through LO EDITIONS and UPPM are independent from my own commercial releases but I'm equally thrilled to be a featured artist on releases from one of the UK's most respected production music labels. For details of my last commercial release, head over to my MUSIC STORE page or click HERE for details on the REFRACTION EP.