August 2019 sees the launch of my re-vamped and updated website. The new site incorporates a one-page, index structure and features new sections which showcase my portfolio of work across multiple disciplines. Another major change to my website is the new header design, which features my updated logo design and white-on-black branding.

Oli Harrison Logo, 2019.

New Structure

One of the main reasons for the re-build was my desire to condense my website content into a structure which would be easier and more satisfying to browse on mobile platforms as well as desktop. The new structure of keeping the whole site to a one-page design allows you to see all of my site content without having to navigate away to other pages. Another new feature which makes this one-page design even easier to navigate is the side-navigation, which will help visitors on desktops and tablets jump to different sections of the site with ease.

New Content Sections

Following on from my decision to keep the whole site to a single-page design, I was also keen to incorporate a new way for visitors to browse my portfolio of previous work. I’ve done this by incorporating horizontal carousels to display my portfolio items, which again allows you to see my whole portfolio without needing to navigate to different pages. To see my portfolio of work in either MUSIC COMPOSITION or AUDIO POST PRODUCTION, you can now simply scroll or jump to the relevant section and then use the carousels to see examples of my work.

Alongside the addition of these new navigational features, I’ve also added a whole new section to showcase my recent work in LIVE AUDIO and video engineering. This area of my work has really taken off in the last 18 months so I was keen to showcase some of the projects I’ve been working on around the world.

Enhanced Interaction

I really wanted to increase the number of ways for visitors to interact with me and my content. To achieve this, I’ve added a dedicated section to display my LATEST NEWS posts and social media feeds. As well as this new section, I’ve also re-designed my old Music Store page into the new BUY/LISTEN section of the site. This is the place to go to see my latest commercial music release and find links to my music on download and streaming sites such as APPLE MUSIC, SPOTIFY and AMAZON.

You’ll also notice more links throughout the site that will take you to my CONTACT form, which is now at the bottom of the website. You can use this form to get in touch with me about work, bookings, inquiries, or anything else!

I hope you enjoy the new site and all of the new content and features. It’s been a lot of work to put it all together and it’s going to be a constant work-in-progress, but I hope you’ll agree that it’s a much nicer site to browse. I’ll be posting new content about some more of my recent work very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!